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Automotives in the world of cloud and digital



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Design, Digital, Cloud

OMR Group is a leading global manufacturer of components and integrated solutions for the automotive sector. Starting in 2008, the company has its manufacturing plant. And the company also has state of an art Fully Automatic Pressure Die casting plant having HPDC Machines. OMR’s commitment over the years has been to support customers in their internationalization policies, sharing them and embracing them.

Become Globally Competitive Best Cost Manufacturer and Supplier through Continuous Improvements. The innovation of not only the “product” but also the “process” with future development strategies.

OMR has been working in the Die casting industry for a long time but they didn’t have any good online presence. Their business wasn’t getting properly recognized online and wasn’t being represented online properly. Therefore their products need to be showcased online and they were looking for a way to solve this problem.

We did an in-depth analysis of OMR's business culture. They are very much focused on achieving Quality and they love to do CSR activities. After several meets with the OMR team, we designed a website that could give them an online presence and could represent their work so far. Hence OMR Bagla group needed some assistance with their further plan of the company’s IT policy, we helped them to set a robust IT policy to keep their online data secure. Thus with the help of the cloud, we make sure their data is always safe no matter whatever the situation is.

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