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Empowering agriculture and education with the power of cloud and digital



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Design, Digital, Cloud

A Jaihind group is a group formed by the Mane Deshmukh. They have a firm presence in various industries like Agriculture, Engineering, Construction, and Education as well. Jaihind has been serving these industries for over 20 years with its experienced team. Hydropower generation, Sugar factory, College for students, etc. are some of their works.

Our Mission & Vision:
To provide a wide portfolio of products and services that will add value to our customers and suppliers.

To empower our staff, encourage innovation, and reward productivity in our drive to become a world-class company.

Further meeting consumer and vendor demands by increasing market share and brand equity while maintaining competitive pricing. Done through the utilization of an experienced sales and merchandising team.

Being a huge group of companies, the Jaihind group had the challenge to manage all their work and staying connected with their teams. They needed a management solution for all their email and IT communications. Additionally, their services and works were not available to see for everyone, Jaihind group wanted to make sure that every customer attached to their business could reach out to them easily. Thus a website could help them achieve this and were looking forward to all these solutions in one place.

We initially began by analyzing their entire work. From Sugar factories to dams we studied their businesses, and we concluded, that certain factors were affecting their overall performance and were dragging the productivity. Therefore, we provided the Jaihind group with Cloud and Digital services, which helped them to stay connected with their partners and customers. An active website also helped them to build Jaihind online presence and helped their customers to reach out to them online.

Quantazone works towards building your brand’s digital identity. Hence we are skillful enthusiasts working in the digital field, only to make sure we meet your digital needs. Quantazone is your true business partner.

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