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LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Need to Know!

Quantazone blog: LinkedIn marketing tips you need to know!

Today, over 562 million business professionals use LinkedIn worldwide. LinkedIn is not only about who you know but also about who your connections know. Statistics suggest that it is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads! It focuses on B2B connections, so it should surely be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is basically used by professionals to setup a personal profile. They can then connect with other professionals they know or are interested in knowing. In addition to this, you can also create a business profile for your company. Professionals can learn about

  1. your business

  2. your brand

  3. and job opportunities available in your company by following your company’s page.

Given below are a few LinkedIn marketing hacks you can use to find new customers, create new contacts and ultimately grow your business.

1. Find highly targeted customers and connections

The targeting on LinkedIn is unparalleled in the world of digital marketing. Companies can target the people based on various factors. They can be like the:

  1. industry they work in

  2. age

  3. job role

  4. geographical area

and various other factors. These factors help you understand about your audience. No other platform lets you target a specific set of audience. This makes sure that your content reaches the audience it is made for.

2. Grow your e-mail marketing list

LinkedIn allows you to message 50 people at a time. Companies can use this feature to personally thank their customers, and invite them to subscribe to their mailing list. They can add a direct link for signing up in the message and can also give the customers a brief idea about what they should expect in the newsletters.

Check more about Email Marketing here!

3. Post high quality content!

This is probably the most obvious and the most important tip. Content is the king! If your content is not upto mark, no other tip is going to work. Your content should teach others how to solve a problem or how to do their job well. Content should be posted regularly, at least on a monthly basis. It should also be precise, and useful for your target audience.

4. Take advantage of LinkedIn Community Features

LinkedIn provides a variety of community features. They let you communicate and collaborate with other LinkedIn users, including:

  1. LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn Groups assist you stay informed and confine touch with folks that share your interests. You can create your own groups or join any number of groups that specialise in your area of interest or expertise.

  2. Influencers: LinkedIn Influencers helps you to connect with well-renowned leaders from various fields.

5. Avoid Hard Selling

This tip is common for all the social media platforms. People should not be interrupted with repetitive ads. You must try to get “discovered” by the target audience in organic ways. Use content marketing and inbound marketing techniques. And apply these techniques to give your content maximum reach. You must attract, engage and delight your audience with curated content. Copying content is not going to work!

6. Always brand your LinkedIn Address

After making a profile, a LinkedIn web address will be created. It might be a combination of random words and numbers, but you can update it to your own name or the company’s name. Having a custom URL is necessary for the B2B sector and professionals as well. Claiming a custom URL increases the probability that your profile will rank in the top of the search results.

These are a few easy tips to keep in mind while you promote your service or product on LinkedIn. Follow these and you’re good to go!

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