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Website Design: Do you need a mobile-friendly website?

Quantazone blog: Website design-Do you need a mobile friendly website?

Online presence for a business is important in today’s world. Therefore, website design can be a significant criterion that shows your business’s credibility. However, the digital world is changing and the usage of technological devices is changing with it. Traditional desktops or laptops are not a significant way to search for needs on the internet. There is a faster and convenient way to search; phone! Why turn on your laptop when you can only take a few seconds without taking additional actions to look for stuff. This is when mobile-friendly websites become handy for businesses.

However, if the website you are searching for won’t function properly on your mobile device, you will try another website that has the same product offerings. So, let’s say you are the business owner of that website that ignores mobile searches or visits, you just lost a sale! While you already invested your money to create a website, why not go all the way and optimize your website for mobile usage?

What is a mobile-friendly website?

Mobile searches lead to 51.53 per cent of the website traffic. We expect this number to grow even more with time. A mobile-friendly website is an optimized website that has the same functionality as the traditional website. It needs to be easy to navigate, shop, and read. Images should fit the device’s screen. When customers try to click on something on the website, they shouldn’t need to zoom in and try to touch the button. Speed is also important because one reason customers use their mobile devices is that it takes less time to search.

Benefits of having a mobile-friendly website
1. Improve customer experience

If your website is easy and convenient for the customer, they are more likely to revisit your website. This way you can generate more leads and convert them to customers. There are various ways in which you can let your mobile website customers happy. The biggest important way is to provide proper navigation. Proper navigation helps in providing an easy way by accessing the website.

2. Competition

Having a mobile-friendly website can be an important strength and competitive advantage amongst your competitors. yes, you read it right. Around 71% of the mobile users visit the site after seeing advertisements on platforms like TV and Web. Hence gives you much scope for greater leads and tight competition.

3. Brand awareness with a mobile-friendly website

As we saw in the earlier point how advertisement creates awareness and hence brings potential customers to your mobile website. This way you can create brand awareness with a well designed mobile-friendly website. This can increase your business’s credibility and attract more customers.

4. Search engine rankings

If your company wants to have a high ranking on search engines, mobile-friendly websites can play a big role in helping you get there. It will increase your ranking and help you attract the right people. You should make sure you have valuable content and relevant product and services. This will create better trust. Any content you put up on your website should be appropriate and engaging to grasp your user’s attention.

5. Faster speed

The biggest advantage of a mobile-friendly website that it provides much better loading, in comparison to websites on other devices. This advantage is helpful especially today. As today’s customer has less patience with waiting and need quick responses.


if you want to adapt and be successful on this digital marketing platform, you will need to pay attention to your digital appearance. A mobile-friendly website is a must if you want your website to get its full potential. People check prices or search for information on their mobile devices before they take action to buy or decide. Your customers expect to get the same or even better experience when they browse your business’s website from their phone. This way your conversion rates will go up and also, you will have satisfied customers.

Quantazone is a safe place if you are looking to revamp your website and the complete business altogether. We are in the digital services since long and happy to help you upgrade your steps to success.

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