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When digital world meets Innovative services for aerospace



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Design, Digital, Cloud

VR Coatings is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Spray and Dispensing equipment for a wide range of fluids, both liquid as well as semi-solids. With a great experience of over 30 years and ISO certification. VR coatings stand among one of the best companies in its sector. VR has designed and developed equipment and systems for major applications in various diverse industries like Automobiles, Aeronautics, Railways, Naval shipbuilding, Infrastructure/Buildings, Furniture, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Engineering, Containers, Tyres, Castings, etc…

VR Coatings is having a domestic as well as international market. However, VR was expecting to build an online customer base too. They didn’t have a proper online presence as well as their business was not SEO optimized. They were expecting a robust solution that could keep their data easily accessible and secure. VR was looking forward to Digital and Cloud solutions both in a single place.

We are continuously working on the digital presence of VR Coatings, as well as we are managing their cloud hosting server. We are continuously working on improving the company’s search engine rankings and helping VR improve its Sales and Marketing performance. Additionally, providing them with time-to-time technical consulting for the further growth of the company.

As the Business Partner of VR, we added some of our efforts to help VR grow even more. Along with building an online presence, we also strive hard to maintain it. Currently, VR Coatings is standing among those with a good online presence. With the efforts in the Digital field, we improved the search engine rankings of VR Coatings’ official website, which helped them get even more leads through the online channel.

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