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Healthcare products empowered by digital innovation



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Design, Digital, Cloud

Aquayash is a leading water purifier brand & solar system. A leading global manufacturer of healthcare products has an established track record of over a decade in the water purification industry and millions of satisfied customers worldwide trust their purifiers. Aquayash has effectively serviced its customers for over two decades. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, and Govt recognizes its R&D unit as well as DSIR. Therefore we helped Aquayash rebuild its online presence and made its business more prominent in the online world.

Aquayash has been manufacturing various products and these products, are being managed and tweaked regularly. The problem they faced was that they did not have any proper way to showcase their products or make their product specifications accessible to their customers. Thus they wanted to have a decent online presence to maintain their brand identity. Additionally, they wanted to have a content management system where they could manage their online product listings on their own.

We began with the initial website survey to understand the current online status of Aquayash. After discussing with Aquayash’s Management and Marketing team, we made a plan and started working according to it. Then we designed a responsive website where we added Aquayash’s products with their complete information. We also created a CMS to manage its online product information.

Aquayash’s digital presence improved and also got a way to showcase and manage its products online. We update their CMS regularly and make sure it works perfectly all the time. We continuously update the website and product details to keep up with the recent changes.

Quantazone works towards building your brand’s digital identity. Hence we are skillful enthusiasts working in the digital field, only to make sure we meet your digital needs. Quantazone is your true business partner.

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